Nice utility of non-parametric Bayesian clustering for arranging Mc-Donalds food items

The author has given a very neat review of different process for doing non-parametric bayesian clustering. I am reading on this for the first time and the take home message is that these models have the advantage of increasing the number of clusters as we get more data-points. Do have a look the following clusters discovered by the algorithm from the list of food items (features as nutritional content) from Mc-Donalds.


Videos from my Automatic Face and Gesture’13 Paper

Feels good to write a post after a long time. I am having a good time india, exploring, eating and snoring.

I have to submit camera ready version of my FG2013 paper by Jan’15. Since we had a bunch of videos as supplementary material with the paper, Abhinav suggested me to put these videos on my youtube channel and share the link. This will be better than hosting videos on my website since it might be down sometime or become redundant later. I realized the efficacy of this idea once I created a playlist and put these videos for there. The playlist is as follows (wait for all of them to run). The description will be available after you open the link in youtube